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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anna's Bachelorette Party!

  From Miss to Mrs.
Anna Hoekstra is a dear friend of mine.  What a wonderful blessing to be a part of this girls wedding!  It was time to plan the bachelorette night and make it one to remember... 
A few Chauffeurs to help us get to our destination:::
I told Anna not to flirt with the Chauffeurs.. but... it was her bachelorette party:)

A fancy meal for the bride to be:::
Wedding Bell's Theater presents: 
P.S. I Love you!

Be Blessed and CONGRATS!!!!


  1. Happy to know about your bachelor party and I am sure you had good time. Last month, I arranged my cousin’s bridal shower party at one of excellent San Francisco venues. Decorated venue with beautiful flowers. Yummy food was served and all had great time.

  2. I like this blog, this is so amazing, all the images you shared are amazing. Hope you all guys enjoyed a lot.

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