Thursday, June 16, 2016

Soldier Pass Trail

Memorial day weekend we went up to our favorite Arizona spot, Sedona.  Josh and I love finding new trails and the "Soldier Pass Trail" was one of these.  It had many different viewpoints and interesting places all along the way such as the Seven Pools which many come to for spiritual purposes and the Devils Kitchen Sink which is a massive sinkhole!   

The view was beautiful the entire trail.  We found a part of the trail that wasn't marked but was clearly a trail. Curiosity got the best of us and we followed it. We found the arches and wow they were majestic!  The view from the 'window arch' was absolutely amazing.
Thankful for days and trails like this.  Exploring a new part of the world together is the best possible way to make memories!
Have an awesome Fathers day weekend! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

m o m day the Joshua Tree way

So I'm weird... But I feel like the name "mom" is overused.  I mean, grandparents can pick unique names, aunts and uncle's get to choose what they want to be called, but I have to be mom. Mom. Maahhhm (said in Stewie voice).  Anyways, my husband knows this and also knows I don't want a typical "Mothers Day".  Yes, flowers are nice - but a road trip is going to get him all the brownie points he needs! :-)
We headed out to Joshua National Park.  Now mind you, I google mapped it, only 3 1/2 hours away.  That's like a hop, skip and a jump!  Pulling up we see some beautiful Joshua Trees -- and by Joshua Trees, I mean, girls. We saw beautiful girls. No Joshua Trees. At the visitor center, we overheard the ranger explaining to the beautiful girls that it was a good hour drive yet until we would actually see a Joshua Tree.  Hmmm, good thing we like seeing the sights!
We made it in time for a couple awesome hikes making for a magical day indeed.  We also got to check out some of the town, which of course, was all named after Joshua himself ;-)

Weekend at Joshua Tree from Expression Studios on Vimeo.
Mother's Day my way... breakfast in a hotel! Always good memories :-)
Remy (Dada) spoiled me :-)
Hiking some beautiful Cali Mountains was the very best!

A moment straight out of a fairy tale... but instead of wishing for my dreams I'll just live them. Thankful for this night, thankful for this moment ✧ ✧
Stay blessed!  Come find us on Instagram ! Happy Week!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

c a b i n c r e w

My favorite kind of memories are the ones that are spontaneous!  Justin gave us a ring and invited us to join them for their cabin weekend.  Packed up the pack'n'play and s'mores and we were off! 
Omelet breakfast
Sleeping Tire swings
BB Gun 
Splitting wood {if this was a competition Justin won}
More fires
Hot Dogs
Wandering the forest
..... this Crew knows how to Cabin....
Real men shoot with pink bb guns
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Have a blessed week!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Why we h i k e

When we decided to move out west a few years back I never knew I would discover a hobby that would end up making such a profound impact on my life. Hiking!
The world I have always had a passion to explore was always right there, but somehow, getting out on foot and experiencing it first hand gave me an entirely new perspective. I was hooked.
It's wonderful to have a passion for something, but when you can find a passion that can be shared with your best friend, it really is amazing. J and I found this shared passion in hiking. Our ideal weekend = one of us will find a hike with pretty things, he maps it out, I pack the string cheese. 
Rinse, wash, repeat.
Hiking is something that we can do together, grow closer with one another as we explore new areas and experience life’s many adventures to be had out in nature.
Hiking is not only a reason to get a cool pic (although, I will not lie, I love pictures), but more than that it is a way to 'detox' from the clutter of the world.  It is so refreshing to take a deep breath and have those moments of silence.  
There was a time when J and I had a fair amount of unknowns after our travels to Europe. We were “homeless” (so to speak), had just moved out of state, J had just dealt with an emergency surgery, and we were living off of a part-time Starbucks income.  Yes, we had made decisions to get to this point and no, we didn't regret any of our decisions but we still found ourselves in unknown territory.
J knew I needed my mini-retreat #MyTherapy haha! We went out on a beautiful trail in the desert. This night I remember so vividly because it was a moment of clarity for us.  It is a beautiful world indeed. 
We found out by surprise that we would soon be expecting a new little hiking pal. It was a SHOCK to say the least! Of course our reaction was to head to the trails again.  This was the first time we found "Cathedral" trail in Sedona (noted: one of my favorite trails to date.) 
Before Remy was born we frequently heard the advice: “Get your hiking / exploring / adventure in before kids, because you can’t do it once you have them!" Once we were pregnant we heard: "Do it before you have her!" Once we had a newborn: "Do it while she is still small because once they get bigger…"
Now we have a toddler, but… we still adventuring. Why let a mini-person control us bigger-persons? 
As a matter of fact, starting from a newborn she has always loved hiking.  Singing softly or sleeping, it really is a peaceful time for her as well. This makes me so happy! The fact that she loves something that is so dear to us is truly a blessing.
A few thoughts for hiking with a little one...  
*Start as young as possible.  
*Make sure the first few hikes you don't get them out every time they make a peep.  
*It helps to teach them to love the pack they are in.  Make sure they are comfortable and it fits them well.  
*Staying positive. If you aren't enjoying it, they won't either.  
*And you know the main one... stay protected from the sun and well-hydrated :-)
Hope you all have a blessed week!