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Monday, July 2, 2012

Jamaica Mission Trip 2012

Open your heart - watch HIM work...

As we made our way to Jamaica in June we weren't expecting a life changing experience.... we were expecting to do what God wanted to and see how he would work.... He worked in both of our lives and we truly will never forget what God did during this week.... Things that WILL change and impact us for the rest of our lives.  So many fun stories and memories but there were six main things I learned through this trip and I will share them... but mostly I will let the pictures speak for themselves......

Our Wonderful Team:::

Impacting moment number one::::
Jamaica is in need of the Lord just like every other part of the world.  Jamaica's need for deaf pastors/etc are in great need to share the Lord's love.  My new deaf friends are held close to the Lord's heart- we need to share the Lord with so many!

Impacting moment number two:::
I love to sign!  Who knew?  God did!  He put a passion on my heart to learn sign language.  It's a beautiful way to worship and a needed way to share the Lord with others.. as well as communicate with my new friends.
Signing- I like mango's!
Impacting moment number three::::
Adoption is a must for us.  So many children~ but if we can help one child that needs a family it is worth it.
Impacting moment number four::::
Missions is a must in our lives.  Whether this be short term or long term - we will follow God's lead.- Bugs and all:)

Impacting moment number five::::
We have it so easy in America.  We can look at this and and just forget those in need and not remember how blessed we are!  Be thankful, but not fall back in the comfort 'bubble' that we have here at home.  Don't forget those in need!!!

Impacting moment number six::::
Although,the trip itself was work, my mind was at rest from business.  This is the way I feel God wants us to be!  Also I learned - Don't let go of the rope swing too early, it hurts! (videos will be up someday I am sure:))

Thank-you for all your prayers and support.  Also, thank-you to our wonderful team for being so amazing!!! Josh and I will never forget this time of our lives!!!

*The good quality pictures were done by Douglas Sweat.  Thank-you for helping keep wonderful memories!

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