Thursday, May 26, 2016

m o m day the Joshua Tree way

So I'm weird... But I feel like the name "mom" is overused.  I mean, grandparents can pick unique names, aunts and uncle's get to choose what they want to be called, but I have to be mom. Mom. Maahhhm (said in Stewie voice).  Anyways, my husband knows this and also knows I don't want a typical "Mothers Day".  Yes, flowers are nice - but a road trip is going to get him all the brownie points he needs! :-)
We headed out to Joshua National Park.  Now mind you, I google mapped it, only 3 1/2 hours away.  That's like a hop, skip and a jump!  Pulling up we see some beautiful Joshua Trees -- and by Joshua Trees, I mean, girls. We saw beautiful girls. No Joshua Trees. At the visitor center, we overheard the ranger explaining to the beautiful girls that it was a good hour drive yet until we would actually see a Joshua Tree.  Hmmm, good thing we like seeing the sights!
We made it in time for a couple awesome hikes making for a magical day indeed.  We also got to check out some of the town, which of course, was all named after Joshua himself ;-)

Weekend at Joshua Tree from Expression Studios on Vimeo.
Mother's Day my way... breakfast in a hotel! Always good memories :-)
Remy (Dada) spoiled me :-)
Hiking some beautiful Cali Mountains was the very best!

A moment straight out of a fairy tale... but instead of wishing for my dreams I'll just live them. Thankful for this night, thankful for this moment ✧ ✧
Stay blessed!  Come find us on Instagram ! Happy Week!

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  1. I've never thought about the Mom name before, but laughed out loud at the Stewie reference!! I'm glad you had such a magical Mother's Day!! I still can't get over your star pictures!!!!!