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Monday, February 27, 2012

Party Time!

New beginnings and so much to come...

So it's time to share my life through a blog journal. I think this would be a perfect way to journal as much as possibly through words but mostly through photos. I am not a photographer, but I love to experiment! I have many different interests and so I though it would be great to write it all down in one place. Also want to stop cluttering my blog and keep it catering related things.  So this is going to be a bit of everything else: Races...Crafts...Decor...Trips.... Kids...Parties... and any thing else I find along the way!

And were off:::

Here's a taste of the type a parties I like to put on! It always helps to have supportive awesome friends who are willing to try out my crazy new things.

The Birthday Hunk & The beautiful Host (his wife:)):::



The Birthday Hunks name was Doug... Hence... Hot Doug Bar::::

Doug- you've been a awesome friend to josh and I for years!  Thanks for all your support, encouragement and most of all putting up with my crazy ways!!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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