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me and my dutch boy

Well, hello there! So whats this blog about you may wonder...? Well... we love to travel! but then there is... decor, crafting, coordinating events, baking, friends, running, family, cooking, church, and playing my cello... my life is blessedly busy!  This blog is just a bit of everything rolled into one.  Which pretty much makes this blog very random... Enjoy!


  1. My boyfriend Duane aka stagrunner03 on instagram told me about your blog knowing I'd love your spirit and writing and I do! Thank you for sharing your life and pictures. Fantastic and inspiring!

  2. wondering where i can find on your blog more info on your 5th wheel reno?

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    2. Hey Nicole! If you go to the top of my blog to "mini home" and click on it it's there. Otherwise if you google "rv renovation" the YouTube version is there:) FYI: it's for sale currently if interested too ;-)