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willink mini home

we decided to go on an adventure...

step one.. share our decision...
step two...sell four bedroom home and everything in it.
step three... travel Europe
step four...return and find a place to live...

we returned only to find we didn't want the same way of life... we weren't done exploring!  This is when the "willink mini home" plan was set in motion..

Follow along here and on instagram for our random and ever changing plans :)


  1. Are you guys still here in AZ? If so, hit us up. We will be in Peoria @ Lake Plesant the 22nd of Feb.

  2. This is so great! We just bought a fifth wheel are currently researching how to remodel. Our slide out looks similar to yours in that it is flush with the rest of the RV floor when it is out. Did you have to do anything special to the flooring as you were putting it in?