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Friday, March 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt for Me and You!

Oh married people.... Oh married people and their date nights... movies, eating, maybe a bit of dancing if you are lucky.... It can be great... but lets try something new.... Like a photo scavenger hunt! You also have to have a man like J that is willing to try things out of the box!

The actual List::::

Page 1::::

1. Find a penny (or any other change) on the ground - picture of your feet with it.

2. Colors of the rainbow - looking for 7 colors. Crazy faces with each color. (well.... we got one:).. green)

3. Scene from a movie... any movie will do, but you must explain what movie it is and what scene it is.

4. Wearing a blue hat and a tan hat look'in good somewhere. 

5. Do exactly what the sign says, any sign can work. (love this one:)

6.  "I can't believe we all fit in here"... all team members must be in the photo.. haha

7. picture with an animal... (the more unusual the better).
(two year old see's the pictures... "Josh is being eat'in... big bad wolf!" then when she saw mine "Miss Carrie's got big bad wolf":)  

8. A picture of you fitting as many french fries as you can in your mouth (1 picture each).

9. A picture eating a huge hamburger! (1 picture each... can you tell I wanted a burger?)

10. Spell you names in a unique way (J thought of using cell phones in the dark.. did a picture for each letter and put it together...turned out pretty cool!)

11. Mimic a statue with the actual statue in the back ground.

Page 2::::
12. Capture your reflection in an unexpected place.

13. A picture of a garden gnome (It's Holland's type of garden gnome:)

14. Purpose to the girl(me)in a public location

15. Where sun glass in the dark

16. Stand with 4 strangers as if you are taking a mug shot.
17. A Penny on the ground (oops had it on the list twice:).

18. A picture of a receipt for 50 cents of gas (FAIL! not only were we a cent over... we didn't want to go inside)

19. Sharing a drink (I think J is kissing it..:)

20. A Bath tub ready to be filled with water for a hot bath... & Ice cream:) 

What?... It was on the list!:)

Random Date::: Success 

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