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Friday, June 15, 2012

Colorful kids!

Candy candy children candy!
My adorable niece and nephews were able to visit a bit ago and we had tons of fun in tons of colorful places!

Down town Holland tulip time:

Papa John- "Ryan you want cotton candy or a corn dog?" Ryan- "Both." Papa John "You can't have both, pick one"  Ryan- "I guess cotton candy... but cotton candy won't fill me up... it's cotton!"


Ryan unsure if he believes Uncle Josh... Do you really grow elephant ears if you eat one?

Me~ "What's your favorite thing about Cotton Candy Mya?"  Mya "It's PINK silly!"Ehtan "Yummy!!"
Candy Land with REAL candy is the way to go!

Just probably shouldn't play it right before bed, things can get a little out of hand:::

And a little crazy time at BOUNCE:::

LOVE YOU guys!

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