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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Work I do & love!

Around the Willink house I have been working non stop for the last few weeks...

*Baking is my 'side' job right now.  However the last few weeks it's been a every night job.  This past week I have made over 500 desserts, whew... it's a good thing I enjoy it! 

*Childcare may not seem like a flashy job, but as people like my beautiful mother in law who have done it for 20+ years have's much more than that...its about guiding young lives!
Teaching these little toes to walk in truth..
Teaching these hands to be gentle in life...
Teaching these tongues to speak honestly and lovely....
Love each of these cuties and couldn't get through a day without their sweet smiles and sayings!
(for sure going to have a blog coming up with all their quotes!! there are some great ones:))

*I also have the joy of helping out my husband with props and ideas with Expression Studio's (  He doesn't like it when I go on to much about how completely amazing he is, so lets just say ... HE ROCKS! Love his work and love being his 'side kick'. (these are a couple of his latest photo shoot) 
Never a dull moment... and that's the way I like it!!! 
 Loving every part of life!

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  1. beautiful blog & I LOVE the song you have on it!