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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adventure list..

Have I mentioned how much I love my best friends? Always up for trying new things!
First up::::
Shall we paint?
Teej... paint the canvas not Ashes.
Next adventure- SKYZONE!  
This adventure is higher on the boys list then the girls... but we had a blast! Yes, that is a room full of trampolines:::
So dodge ball is not my fondest memory... I was talking about this to my man- "I never make it out without getting hit in the face."
30 seconds later...


  1. you live a crazy life girl! love it! so adventurous. sorry about the face ball.

    and wow to the paintings. i'm impressed!

  2. i'v been wanting to do one of those wine and canvas classes! it looks like you guys had tons of fun. my sisters took one and said it was awesome, and their paintings turned out incredibly (as did yours)!

  3. I really want to go to one of these painting classes. They look like so much fun.

    Oh my gosh!! Dodgeball. These pictures look intense!!

    PS. I think I've told you this before...but did you know that your email isn't connected to your blog? So when you comment on someone else's blog, they can't reply to you?

    Here's how to do it if you're interested!

    How to enable your e-mail: BLOGGER ACCOUNTS: To do this, click on your Dashboard, click on EDIT PROFILE and place a checkmark next to SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS, and finally scroll to the bottom and click SAVE PROFILE

    1. I am the one you were trying to help with that. I tried it before and some reason I didn't work right. This time I think it did work! Thank-you so very much!!

  4. This looks like the perfect night!! You have some awesome friends :)

  5. Seems like all of you had a fun time! It's great to try something new :)

  6. HOLY HECK, that trampoline room looks like the funnest thing ever!