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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Life has been nothing less than busy and crazy!  We are between Louisiana and Texas.  We will be ending in Phoenix tomorrow for a more permanent stay...
As our plans developed the journey has been nothing less than ordinary
(as you can tell by the picture)... 
Will update more next week when things are more settled... Til' then be awesome and follow on instagram for 'tidbit' updates!


  1. Wow, wow, wow! You are right about a crazy journey. So awesome though!!

  2. wait phoenix? a permanent stay? like for how long? so when i drive through phoenix to visit my parents in tucson this means we can meet?

    1. That is exactly what it means! Well arent you just making this move even more fun- way to go!! Keep in touch we need a coffee date for sure!

  3. thanks for always taking such beautiful pics along the way. you have such a talent for capturing the scenery just so!

  4. the north west was skipped on your travels but I will forgive you ;) haha

  5. Wow, this is crazy yet awesome! It sounds so fun traveling to all of these places. I'm sure it has been an amazing experience.

  6. so cooL! travel while you can. :) you wont regret it!