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Monday, September 16, 2013

a little football for the man...

So this last week we have been crazy busy getting our mini home move in ready- can't wait to share all the fun highlights from it.. Also I was blessed to receive a promotion! I will be relocating to a new Starbucks... will be a great opportunity just going to miss my new friends at my current starbucks location...
After all this it was time to take a break from the work for a little football for the man... his birthday deserved no less than nfl football tickets to see his favorite team...
We had a great time (even though the Lions lost... shhhh, don't remind J...)

J- "just so you know our tickets are in the nosebleed section..."
me- "good!"
J "Good?"
me "aren't nosebleed tickets good? like, you are siting so close to the field you could get hit in the face with a ball causing a nosebleed?"
J- "um, no.  it means you are sitting so high up that the air is thin and it causes a nosebleed."
me- "nuh-uh... mine makes way more sense."
Can't wait to share our mini home with you soon!  
Check out INSTSA HERE- love catching up with you mini blog style...


  1. Love the Suh jersey.

  2. Also, carrie you should disable anonymous comments and possibly add a captcha to your blog.


  3. wow that shot of the stadium is amazing! congrats on your promotion! best wishes!

  4. haha i like your version of nosebleed seats better.

  5. Your pictures are amazing and so is your blog ! :)

  6. Hey my friend!! Miss you and your posts. I love to see you happy and the fun and inspiring pictures you post!! I can't wait to see your home. Much love to you.

    Shauna xoxox

  7. It is so cute that you thought the nosebleed section was up close! Thanks for the chuckle :)

  8. what a fun day. we love football, nosebleed or not!

  9. Haha that's so funny! This still looks like so much fun. :)

  10. glad you had a good little break. I really try to unplug every weekend. it is so good for you ; )
    and ummmmm. i need to follow you on insta asap :) come find me if you want treeofolive :) )