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Sunday, March 2, 2014

thankful for this day...

Grandma Willink 

A small kitchen table for four, six of us sat around as grandma finished her pie... Once the pie was finished I sat holding grandma's soft fragile hand. Although I don't remember the conversation I do remember the soft laughter and smiles we all shared. As J spontaneously let grandma know we wanted her to do a video talking about her and grandpa's beautiful marriage she at first was fearful... But after a bit of convincing I could see that she knew this would be very important to her family. We shuffled our way to the living room has she asked Grandpa to get her a comb and asked me how she looked... "As stunning as ever"... her quick response "oh you lie!" 
The room was as toasty as ever as I folded my legs and got ready for the story... 

this was the last day I spent with you and it will never be forgotten.. 
just as your amazing example of love will never be forgotten. 
I love you Grandma Willink.

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