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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cathedral Rock

J and I needed some fresh air and a day together.. heading up to Sedona is always a good idea.  so found ourselves a new five-star hike!  It was a perfect hike, perfect day and of course I had my perfect adventure buddy:) Being 17 weeks pregnant I had my work cut out for me- but with a couple extra breaks baby Willink did just fine.  It was a wonderful adventure..!
there it is!
Goin' up....
It was an awesome hike.. very clearly marked and made you work for the view... a bit of hiking and climbing- best ever
 You can find me... just look hard:)
the top the mountain had our initials... just sayin' hello I guess.
time for some classics...  not sure if J is hovering or flying this time.... #levitatetheplanet
Stopped into town... that Sedona... so hip right now:)

can you smell the woodfire? mmmm mmm...
check my instagram out:) Have a blessed week!


  1. whoaaa! this place looks so mighty.

  2. You live in such a beautiful area! It's crazy to see how different our hiking adventures are! Love these!!!
    xo TJ