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Monday, October 27, 2014

fly home

It's crazy how one week can be filled with so many memories!  We got to fly home a few weeks ago and enjoy some family time... family on my side is all spread out around the country right now so it was perfect to have everyone in one place.
I just loved having some time with my niece and nephews, they are growing up so fast:)
my beautiful mother's put on a darling little shower for baby girl.. My mother in law did an amazing spread of desserts and my mom did the darling decor! All 'my' day care kiddo's from the past got to come and have a little reunion almost :) The love I felt was unbelievable.. this lil' lady I'm having is one loved child!
Later that week we had the chance to shoot Lance and Lydia Brink wedding.. You can see the photo's HERE!
Such a great time with wonderful friends and fam!

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  1. Aw this looks like so much fun!! So glad you had a great time and squeezed in a shower too! When are we going to see some bump pictures lady? :)