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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

season of giving

Announcing: A Season of Giving – FEATURING YOU! We are starting a short documentary project, and we need your help.
Over the next 8 Saturdays, our plan is to do something kind for a random stranger and we invite you to join us! Here’s how it will work:
On any (or all) of the next 8 Saturdays, send us your short video doing something kind for a random stranger. We’ll compile all the clips together and upload the finished video in December, in time for the Christmas season! Our hope is to have people from all over participate in this project, spreading love, joy and generosity to those around you and that the documentary will start a chain reaction inspiring others to do the same.
It could be as easy as paying for the person behind you at a drive through, or something more extensive like volunteering at a foodbank. Just make sure you video it and send it to us! Our church’s motto is “loving people with no strings attached”, and that is the idea behind this project. You can send your videos to

A couple years ago this idea developed.. but ready to inpire others with your help!

Will keep updates on Instagram here #seasonofgiving2015
Many Blessings!

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  1. What a lovely idea! I can't wait for the final video :)