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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Soldier Pass Trail

Memorial day weekend we went up to our favorite Arizona spot, Sedona.  Josh and I love finding new trails and the "Soldier Pass Trail" was one of these.  It had many different viewpoints and interesting places all along the way such as the Seven Pools which many come to for spiritual purposes and the Devils Kitchen Sink which is a massive sinkhole!   

The view was beautiful the entire trail.  We found a part of the trail that wasn't marked but was clearly a trail. Curiosity got the best of us and we followed it. We found the arches and wow they were majestic!  The view from the 'window arch' was absolutely amazing.
Thankful for days and trails like this.  Exploring a new part of the world together is the best possible way to make memories!
Have an awesome Fathers day weekend! 

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