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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sedona Stuff

It's been a while since I've been on this here blog! Crazy few months to say the least, but a whole lot of blessings to fill our lives.
We decided to hit up a Sedona "Fall Day" this last weekend and pretty much just turned into “a” day because there were no fall colors and the apple cider stand was closed…. BUT there's never a disappointing day in Sedona! I thought I would share some thoughts on Sedona and the area seeing as how we know it better than our own back yard at this point! A few people have asked for some Sedona travel tips, so here we go!
Trails: Click on each trail name and it will take you to HikeArizona which is awesome for more info. Also, pictures of each trail will be after, if you have more questions than what’s stated feel free to write or message me on Instagram. Slide Rock State Park- Easy and great for kids! *7 miles north of Sedona *Bathrooms and changing area *$10.00 at gate, credit cards accepted. Most days only open till 6:00 p.m. A stunning location with fun for the family! If you go in the summer/late spring or early fall you can swim too! Unless you are like my crazy brother (and a few others) who went in November! Anyways, it is so fun to slide down the rocks. I've seen as young as 6-year-old kids swimming down. The colder it is the less people you will see which makes for beautiful scenery, but the warmer weather means more swimming and more people. There is a place to get treats as well. Perfect for the family, and perfect for the sights!
West Fork Traill- Easy - great for the kids!
*You can go for 11 miles we did about 4 *10 Miles north of Sedona *Bathrooms at Trailhead *$10.00 for Parking. Credit cards accepted (If you are adventurous, go past the parking lot about .10 of a mile up the road there is free parking off the side of the road) The trail is very easy but passes over the creek a few times, so balancing comes into play. If you don't mind getting a bit wet, there is nothing to worry about at all! Awesome coves and beautiful trees. There are some old country homes and a cool bridge at the beginning of the trail as well. Great for kids!
Bell Rock Trails Easy to Moderate
*There are three trails, we did the one that was about 4 miles round trip
*7 Miles southeast of Sedona
*No bathrooms at trailhead
*$5.00 for parking, credit card machine.
There are a few hikes to take. We did the one that goes all the way around the rock. So cool! The views are stunning all the way around. Saw a rattlesnake! Did it with a baby pack and 8 year old kiddo's and they loved it!
Soldier Pass Trail4 to 6 miles round trip
*No bathrooms at trailhead *Free parking Make sure you read the directions clearly. Most of this trail would be easy for kids but if you want to climb up in the caves, might be more challenging. About a mile in, the trail splits. You can follow the main trail to the left which provides some excellent views of Sedona. However, the real magic happens when you take the fork to the right which is more challenging and may be too difficult for kids. This fork will lead you to the caves which are incredible to climb up in and explore. We were the only ones there when we went. A hidden gem and a well-kept secret of Sedona. This was probably one of the coolest things we've seen in Arizona! Did it with the baby in pack, just not the cave exploring part.
Cathedral Rock Trail  Moderate (harder for kids)
*One of my favorites. Only 1.5 round trip, but STRAIGHT up and straight down. Very fun!
*4 miles southeast of Sedona
*No bathrooms at trailhead
*$5.00 for parking credit card machine (there isn't a lot of parking in actual lot. If you drive about .10 past the parking lot there are more free parking areas.)
This hike is my absolute favorite. It's short and sweet but manOman the views are incredible. What I love about it is, the whole time you are climbing, you see beautiful scenery behind you. Then when you get to the top, a mind-blowing view of the other side of the mountain, it will take your breath away. Take your time for lots of pictures. Done this with many different levels of hikers and all have enjoyed this trail. Did it with a baby pack and 8 year old kiddo's and they loved it!
*In Sedona This is a fun place to watch the sunset or just view most of Sedona! No hiking, free parking, donation box if you are so inclined. :-)
Vaultee Trail -
*Pretty much in Sedona, about 1 Mile out of town. *Bathrooms by Parking *Free Parking and a lot of it This is a gorgeous place to watch the sunset. You can walk about .10 right up to a small part of the mountain with panoramic views!
Devils Bridge Trail- Moderate (hard for kids)
*If you don't have a 4X4 or a car you want to take off-roading the trail is 4.5 miles round trip. If you do have one, you can drive past the parking area and right up to the trail. It will save you a couple miles of hiking, but you will have a VERY rough ride so make sure your truck is ready for it. *Free Parking and a lot of it (same lot as Vaultee Trail above). *Bathrooms by parking lot I have done both, the hike is very easy from the parking area to the actual trailhead since you are really just walking on a jeep road, but the Devils Bridge hike itself is the harder part. Did it with a baby pack and 8 year old kiddo's and they loved it!
Midgley Bridge Vista Oak Creek Access 
*4 miles north of Sedona *$5.00 Parking, credit card machine. Very congested but high volume in and out. *No Bathrooms The views of Oak Creek under the bridge are just breathtaking! Worth a quick stop. We also did a bit of the Huckaby Trail which brings you down to Oak Creek- fun for the kiddos. Very beautiful and nice to cool off in the shade!
We normally hit up Wildflower but a really fun local one is The Cowboy Club
You can order this amazing sampler with cactus fries (made from the Prickly Pear cactus), buffalo and rattlesnake meat! Nothing says the wild wild west more!

Where to stay:
Haven't needed to stay overnight in Sedona yet. We have stayed quite a few times in Flagstaff and there are many cheap, clean hotels. We liked the La Quinta! There looks to be some pretty awesome camping all down Oak Creek, you should check out!
Hope this helps a bit! It's pretty clear why Sedona is our favorite. Blessings!

Hope this helps a bit! It's pretty clear why Sedona is our favorite. Blessings! 

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