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Thursday, March 9, 2017

San Fran -our way in a lil' more then a day

Our trip to San Francisco was absolutely amazing.  Each stop was kinda surreal because of how long we have wanted to visit.  Sometimes I couldn't believe I was seeing things I've wanted to see for years! I'm not even kidding- even the "Full House" was mind blowing for me! haha- I'm such a 90's child.  If you haven't see it yet, here is the whole video of our trip: 

So we had a lot to fit in -- in one week -- so we decided to hit San Fran first!  We woke up early in our Campervan under the beautiful Redwoods at Samuel P Taylor State Park, cooked our breakfast over our open flame & started on our way to San Fransisco for the day.  

Our first stop, and in my opinion, the most important, was the different bridge viewpoints.  There are many ways to go and many different stops to make but let me share with you my favorite.
Yup, that place is real life! Kirby Cove Campground.  As we hiked up I was super pumped to swing.  Lets be honest, between pinterest & instagram I couldn't help but be inspired to find this unreal place. To my amazement, as I walked up, no one was around! The wind was out of control this day and tide was super high and the waves were crashing into the tree branches that you clearly needed to climb to reach this swing. Josh and Remy were standing a safe distance back as I climbed the branches trying to act as if I wasn't terrified for my life.  J wasn't too far back but his voice was still very distant because of the wind and waves. "Get back here!" he yelled "It's not worth it!" Just as I almost reached the swing (using my gopro selfie stick to reach it) a wave crashed into my face making me feel as if I had just done 9 bellyflops at once.  Just then Remy started crying very hard yelling "Mama!" I had to retreat. During this whole time a small crowed had gathered.   A girl went up to try and failed.  A couple girls decided to try together.  They worked together and got up.  Well, no one beats this mama! I popped off my boots and climbed the branches like a monkey. Popped up on the swing and threw all my fears away- it was incredible. You'd think a swing is just a swing.  This was so different- swinging out over the ocean while seeing the waves crashing into the mountains.  It was unbelievable! 

How to get to the swing: Park at the, hike 2 miles down the gravel road to Kirby Cove Campground and make your way out to the ocean.  Make sure you read about this place, so much cool history here!  You'll see the swing up on the tree. Make sure you don't die.  Remember as you're hiking down, you have to come back up :)
We loved all the viewpoints and someday would love to check out the other side of the bridge as well!  Such a cool experience.
Next we headed into town and asked what to do.  People gave us lots of cool suggestions but here is what we hit...
Pier 39  and all the other Piers :) :

Remy couldn't get enough of all the seals.   She was pointing and squealing every time they would 'bark'.  She loved running around and saying hi to strangers.  A kind stranger lady gave us free tickets and made her current dream came true to ride the carousel! 

Took the trolly:

To Union Square:
And Delicious Restaurants:)

The way our booth was sitting was so we were all three looking out into the restaurant.  We had the sweetest waitress who made our time so memorable.  There was a family that couldn't stop staring at Remy and played many games of peek-a-boo with her across the way.  Funny how sometimes she is so outgoing! Love seeing her giggle and enjoy herself.  The clam chowder I had was taste bud delicious and J had some perfect fish & chips. Yum.

We headed back to our campground but not without J drinking a coke on the Golden Gate Bridge- a random item written on his bucket list for whatever reason :)
The night before, we were able to see the outside of the "Full House" which we were tempted to buy!  I was dancing and clickin' away.  J kept asking if we could leave.  I also wanted to get on the steps but he said no. I guess he didn't want that to be a reason his wife goes to jail... but I feel like it would've been worth it, right? More info on this check this link out Full House
Later we hit Ghirardelli Square. You guys. You guys. Seriously people.  This place was heavenly! I want to eat this everyday for the rest of my life!  Although he won't admit it, I'm pretty sure J had a joyful tear running down his face as he ate each bite.  It was so cool to read about all the past history on the factory and house the chocolate was and is currently made. Way cool!
So many perfect memories made. Someday we shall return!
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