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Tonto Natural Bridge State Park
Driving any car will do.  There is a lot of parking and it costs $10.00 a car.  if you
Trail advice:
They have very clearly marked trails.  Make sure you find out which one gets you to the waterfall the fastest. We met up with a couple that took the other one first and spent a 2 hour hike before they got to see it.  It's a beautiful place to climb around and very family friendly.  Pretty slippery if you go under the waterfall so be prepared for this.  
Hard/Easy?Worth it....?  
We give this park a 5 star.   The hike can be easy or hard, it's up to you!

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Kentucky Fried Chicken 

Coffee Shops:
Starbucks inside of safeway

Random Tips:
At Christmas we visited a darling home town Christmas parade.  Fake snow and hot chocolate hit the spot.

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