Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paris doesn't apologize.

Paris, France was overwhelming with all of its historic buildings and its artistic feel... Just plain gorgeous!
Paris memory list:

*Music and art fills the streets!
*The Eiffel should be found in the dictionary as this: "Eiffel Tower" pronunciation  (ro•man•tic)
*Crapes taste better when eaten by Versailles' beautiful lake & garden...
*Mary Antoinette and I may differ when it comes to decor but I guess I see what she was going for in the castle...
*Stumbled upon a red carpet movie premier...
*Watching the girls turn green as I kissed Bradly Cooper, Justin Bartha and Josh Willink...
*A rainbow perfectly placed behind the Eiffel our last night in Europe, coincidence...? Nope, it was a blessing from above!
warning: many pictures to follow...

Previous adventures from this trip already posted:

I think I'm going to have to do a post dedicated to my friend Eif.. We have a lot of pictures of him and he deserves more credit! Til' then...


  1. Okay-What!!!!!!!!!!!????????? Famous people and all! Wow, what a trip! I love it all. I have almost the same pictures of Versailles, except of course I didn't think to sit on the checkered floor and take an awesome picture like you. This last picture is my favorite. Who comes up with this material? I mean granted Paris is the material but the way you are expressing your photos I love it so much. So creative, I admire your blog so much.

    Alright, I've not commented on your last two posts. Not because I've missed them, I've read every word, I'm just getting use to this new media that is supposed to help me that relplaced the blessed google reader. I don't love it as much. That said,

    I loooooooooooove Switzerland. It was hands down my favorite place to visit while traveling Europe. We rode on horses out to a families farm and they made their own cheeses and wines. We stayed with them, got to know them, it was heaven. And bonus, if you keep up with tennis you know that Roger Federer is from Switzerland too. I love him. (My kids play tennis.) :)

    Your fourth of July looked perfect. You are such a pretty girl. I love your look. For some reason your eyes remind me of my mom's. What a great time you are having in your life. So happy to follow along.


    Shauna xoxoxxoo

    1. Shauna, all your encouragement is always so kind! We want to go back and experience more of the country next time in Paris and Switzerland- it was hard to pick things to do sometimes... The wine and cheese farm sounds just delightful! I did hear he was from there- Maybe I'm related:) hehe

  2. Wow these phoos are breathtaking!! You are such a nice couple!! :)
    Do you want to follow each other on bloglovin, let me know?!


  3. My goodness, Versailles is so beautiful! I love all your photographs. I so hope I can take a trip to Europe one day. Your pictures certainly don't help ;) What is on the wall you two are kissing in front of? It is padlocks?

  4. yes whenever i made it over to paris i will put a lock on that bridge and throw away the key!! love your trip re-caps and now i want to go to paris even more so

  5. Holy cow! How fun was all of this!? Amazing! Love your photos!

  6. That first photo is AWESOME! My favorite by far :) But the rest of these? Amazing! What an awesome experience!

  7. WHat! This is a dream!!!! How fun!!! All of these photos are so beautiful

  8. I am jealous of your life. Good job.

  9. amazingness! that is pretty neat!

  10. I totally thought you were kidding when you said you kissed Bradley Cooper...um you weren't! Everything about this post is just amazing. I want to teleport there immediately!!!

  11. Oh my gosh, these photos are incredible! What an awesome trip!

  12. that last photo is gorgeous- and holy heaven i can't even with Versailles. so DECADENT. but im sorry DID YOU REALLY KISS BRADLEY COOPER?! wut.

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  13. Next time I'm going with you!! LOVE that last picture...ahhh....so gorgeous!

  14. These photos are amazing! WOW! Also I'm so jealous of your red carpet run-ins!

  15. Thank you for your lovely comment :)
    Glad you enjoyed Paris ! xx

  16. oh my goodness now I really want to go!
    what beautiful photos and it looks like you had a really beautiful time!
    I have heard stories about that bridge where people take locks and a key and they lock up their secrets and throw their key in the river underneath!
    I'm glad you had a great time and thanks for showing us those pictures!

    much love.

  17. Thanks for your comment the other day, you have no idea. Also,
    xo Bre'an

  18. Your pictures are beautiful!!! I want to go to Paris so badly! Love. Also, your red carpet run-ins?!? Amazing! I'm beyond jealous. So glad you stopped by my blog because I'm loving yours! :)

  19. That sounds and looks like an amazing trip..
    Makes me want to do Paris again.. we were there four years ago.. though it seems lifetimes ago.

  20. OMG these photos are AMAZING! I would LOOOVE to go to Paris some day!

  21. Oh my word! What amazing adventures! :-)

  22. i am jealous of all that is this post!!!!!

  23. I am just so jealous of all of your travels! They look so fantastic :) I'd like to one day traipse all over Europe as well :)


  24. Um, wow. Gorgeous photos! Crazy - I just posted about a Paris trip on my blog too. I had an amazing trip, but mine didn't include kissing Bradley Cooper :) I really want to go back!

  25. You stumbled onto a red carpet!? How amazing! I love all the photos.

  26. Awesome! I love Paris. That first photo of you guys is incredible! :)

  27. Paris is love! I'm so jealous, I can only dream of going to Paris one day with my lovey. I love all your photos!

  28. I am so unbelievably jelly right now! I have only just started editing my paris photos from over a year ago! I miss it so much even though it was the middle of winter where i went! I also laughed so hard when i saw your red carpet photos, i seriously thought you had kissed a movie poster! HAHA!
    This post is perfect!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  29. I want to go there so bad!! It looks seriously romantic, love the lock bridge pictures--and that movie premiere?! That's crazy!

  30. So cute. Love it! I am so glad I found your blog I am your newest follower!

    Come check out and follow my blog?
    Glitter & Gold


  31. I can't believe you ended up at the Hangover premiere! As if Paris wasn't amazing enough, you get a picture with Bradley Cooper to boot. EPIC!
    P.S. the first photo is probably one of the cutest Eiffel Tower photos I've ever seen :)

  32. such fun pictures! i love the ones of the 2 of you imitating the statue faces, haha!