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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Porch Fixin' time!

let's fix that 
porch and chew some gum...

The men of our family had their work cut out for them yesterday... Our porch was one of those things we have been needing to get fixed up for some time now.  We set a date and the men of the family went to work.  The finished product is almost done but here are some 'manly' pictures of the building process:::

I think Dad Willink is being a ballerina back there=) I don't have the best before pictures but trust me.. the porch was about to fall apart.  Here is a picture of the outdated arch we also took down which opened everything up alot!::::

Probably the main reason we take on these projects is due to the hard work ethic of our fathers!  Dad Negley & Dad Willink are the hardest working men I know:::

Here is the Man Crew::::
Josh the really manly one:
Doug the really detailed one:::
Dad (John) Negley the unstoppable worker one::::
Dad (Bill) Willink the really smart one::::
TJ the really cool one::::
 Kobi the really bossy one::::
And that is the men...
 The men tore out some very large posts that were grounded in cement!  Nice work:::

All in a days work they supported the base- took down the arch and stairs... put up new beautiful SAFE stairs and most of the spindles/posts!! Just a few spindles and staircase to do and it will be finished!

Here is the almost finished product::::

Thank-you to all you wonderful men!!!

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