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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Camping Birthday!!

Another year older
Not so sure about this getting older thing:)  My husband planned an awesome trip this last weekend  We went up north for a bit of camping and lots of fun!

Things we survived::::
*No running water 
*Bathing in lake MI
*Potty breaks in woods
*Spit wars
*Mating Crows
*Cooking over a fire
*Sleeping in a tent
*Burning tortilla chips
*True colors
*Sleeping in a van  
*A fox
*Endless childhood memories
*Many renditions of Happy Birthday
*Sharp rocks
*Not eating the entire cheese cake
*A massive storm

Just to name a few...

 * Everyone for driving so far!
 *My incredibly wonderful husband for planning such a great weekend!
 * Olivia and Doug for the most AMAZING cheese cake ever!
 * Teej and Ash for the best bday gift!
 *Everyone for being "the best six friends that anyone could have":)

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