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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The COLOR RUN! Super Hero Style:::

We went with a group over to Ann Arbor this last weekend for the 5k Color run...  What a blast we had!!!  I told J this weekend has to be one of those 'fun highlights' in my life!!!

We got a hotel the night before and grabbed some of Josh's favorite.. the famous "Five Guys" burgers...
What Super Hero's Do.. behind the scenes:::
Making our costumes is just apart of the job as super hero's...
The day arrived... the time had come... Super Hero's moment to triumph::::
Thor will never fall out of love with me... it's the Asgard way!
What you get with 4 super hero's and 7 girl side kick super heros......

here's the main site if you would like to look into a race yourself:::

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