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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anna's getting married!

Oh should that have been a photo of the bride and groom? opps :)

What a fun day it was to celebrate Anna and Micah's Wedding!  I had the blessing of doing their desserts( 
and being the MOH (Matron of honor)!  Anna has been such a spectacular friend and going to be a fantastic wife.  These are a bit of before and during shots.. not a ton because I was busy but you get the day story in a 'nutshell' for now!

Gotta start the celebration with some Jimmy Johns & matching shoes:)
Pick Pink, Pick Pink!
Hair & more!
The bride and her groom.. Aren't they cute?:)

Bow time, here we go!
What Whaaaaat?!

It was a fun great day!  Will share more pictures when I can:)  
So happy for you Anna & Micah!!!

ps. the moment you've all been waiting for... the awkward "we are doing these picture b/c Carrie is making us"
K that is really the end..

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