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Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Highlights!


I guess it is camo day at Miss Carrie's!    
  No matter 'when' your weekend is everyone loves those weekends!  This weekend was full of getting things done around here.. First off I had the privilege of making another wedding cake!  Check out "A Taste of Joy" blog for more pictures.   Another thing we finished up was our 'Lipdub' video of my childcare kids... It turned out great!
Carrie's Childcare LipDub from Expression Studios on Vimeo.
Saturday morning I woke up to the wonderful smell of breakfast in bed from my man:::
Then we had plans to stroll downtown, have cider & do all those wonderful fall things...  Theeeeeennn..... 
Forget it... J's best friend called him and he was off to a MI football game! Once dressed up like a little cute MI fan he ran in for a goodbye kiss saying "Can I go?" Is there anyway I could say no to him playing out his dreams of going to a game this fall?... There is no way I want the kind of guilt saying no would bring...:) 
 So instead of a pity party - 
Lets have a productive Saturday..

Sunday was a crash on the couch day... love those! Kobi learned a lot from his mom this weekend about organizing I think...
Hope you enjoyed your weekend...!


  1. Thanks for letting Josh come out and play!

  2. Breakfast in bed is my absolute favorite! I don't get that all the time from the mister, but when I do it's the best!!!
    xo TJ