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Monday, November 19, 2012

Music, deer & more...

A long, musical, tasty, movie, raking, running, camp fire, Anniversary, party 'deer' weekend...!  

Thursday night we traveled to our concert destination .. love traveling with my Mr. J but for some reason the most random things happen to us.. Such as hitting an already dead deer...

"There was once a brave deer know in all the forest... Lets call him Junior... Junior grew up knowing he would never meeting one as brave or strong as he... One day he was minding his own business as he saw man with a contraption in his hands... Junior had never seen a man before, or this contraption... Junior charged... the man, dropping his contraption, and ran for 'deer' life... the man lost his place in the forest and before he knew it he ran across a highway...  Just before the man was going to be bucked into outer space... Deer Junior found his match... a automobile."
Junior was a deer that made and 'impact' in this world...
Well... we did make it to the BEST CONCERT EVER! This group (Pentatonix)is the most talented group  I have ever seen.. I'm currently downloading their entire Christmas album!! And a great surprise was that my 'hero' cello player just HAPPENED to be their be-boxer.. I flipped out to say the least:)
And a little of Christmas::::

In more random news.. The sign order is done::::

I have to mention the awesome two people we were celebrating yesterday: Our Grandparents on J's side "Poppy & Grandma" celebrated 60 YEARS of marriage. They area  great example of a godly marriage.  What amazing inspiration to all of us 'newly' married couples.
Have a great 'short' work week!!


  1. lovely post! i love grandparents so congrats are in order for them!
    xo Jessica
    -check it out!-

  2. that is one awesome band, i have never heard of before.