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Monday, December 10, 2012

A few "Good Tidings"!

 "Good tidings and great joy!"
My new 'Chocolate Candy Cane" cupcakes were a hit this weekend!

My bro in law has an apartment down town Holland that turns me into a green jealous monster- it's awesome! He let me put my "touches" of Christmas there:::
Yup, that is totally a ladder tree:)

Favorite good tiding is hanging out with my friends!
There is a way to turn every instrument into a cello...

One of my favorite traditions J and I have is making cookies for the neighbors.. J turns into a kid during this... 
Can you tell who decorated what?:) When we handed them out to our neighbors my favorite quote was.. "This is what they did in the 70's!" 
So close to snow... but the rain is still beautiful this morning...
"A tad confused.. Miss Carrie said it was a kiss... but this is totally chocolate!"
Counting down the days to Christmas!
I do hope you have a festive week... have a cup of hot chocolate (put a little peppermint creamer in it, yum) and count your blessings!


  1. I LOVE the ladder tree. It's so fun! It just shows that you probably can decorate anything with Christmas lights.

    I actually have a dead bonsai tree inside and I hung mini ornaments in it. Hah!

  2. Did you come up with the ladder tree? That is so clever. I love it. I think it is especially great in an apartment. Those cookies look delicious

  3. a ladder tree?? that is so so awesome! ooh hot chocolate with peppermint creamer now that sounds amazing

  4. Cool decorations and the cupcakes were a big hit with all of us here and our friends.

  5. I LOVE that ladder tree! Such a great idea.

    Also a good idea to deliver cookies to your neighbors...I need to start doing that.

  6. so funny, but i saw that ladder tree the other day somewhere online and wanted one, haaaaaaa.

  7. wow that apartment does look awesome!!

  8. All of these pictures all make me so happy! They are just so festive!!!!
    xo TJ

  9. WOW! so cool and creative! Have to find me a ladder tree! :D

    Following your fabulous blog now! Hope you check out my blog and follow back... ^_^

  10. what fun! i love the ladder decorated with lights ;)

  11. The cupcakes look delicious and that ladder tree, amazing! Love your blog - you've got a great unique voice in the blog world!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking forward to more from you - following along!

  12. love yr warm and cute pics
    and that with "cello" ehehehehhe

    have a nice day