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Friday, December 14, 2012

Knock knock!

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.... Could it be....?
Yup! Aren't those arrow spoons crazy cool...?  Thanks to Davi I had a chance to win! She is such an inspiration and takes absolutely splendid pictures. 

Here is a recipes I made this last summer that I thought would be a perfect as a Christmas salad (I'm sure some of you know this.. here's for the others of you):

1 Carton of Cherry Tomatoes
1- 7 oz Package of Mozzarella Cheese
8 Leaves of fresh basil
1/4 Cup of olive oil (or to taste)
A Pretty salad bowel:)

Cut the cherry tomatoes two times each. Cut the cheese into small chunks.  Cut strips of basil. Add olive oil. Mix all "lightly". About 6 servings. Put in a pretty something:)

Tips: Don't mix together ingredients till the end so that tomatoes don't 'mush'. Doesn't look as pretty second day but taste better!

The day care kids weren't so interested in the salad.. So this is what we came up with:
My goal this week is to take the "Hobby Lobby, bell ringer, salvation army guy" something.. Gotta come up with a shorter nick name for him.  Are they aloud to take hot drinks or food?  He is there every time I go (and I go a lot)...