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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a boy and a girl... & their adventures!

This is a story about a boy and a girl and their adventures...
One day, they met...became best friends.... and fell in love...
Soon after, the boy and girl got married and made one very important promise to each other and God -
 "We will never stop having adventures together..."
*First they lived in a scary Michigan apartment... there were SWAT teams and stuff..
*Then they moved to FL... there were palm trees and stuff...
*Then they moved back to MI and bought their first house... there was snow and stuff... 
Even though they were chilled to the bone... they were comfortable, enjoyed being around their friends & family, and loved their new puppy.  Then they remembered their important promise, it was time to start some new adventures!
Soon after, the boy booked a little trip... 
and when the girl wasn't watching, he stealthily put plane tickets on her desk.  He was like a ninja.
The girl grew really long arms and let out a squeal of joy!
They knew it was time to sit down and make some huge life decisions.  With all of this excitement comes some sadness as well... leaving family, friends and great jobs was going to be difficult...but it was time to decide where to go...
So, Where are we going?? .... 
Backpacking across Europe for the month of May!
And then we will be moving back to Florida!
We are going to miss our friends and family very much... but we are thrilled to see what God has in store for our future..!
(I'm just glad in the end... we had the same size head...)


  1. That is ADORABLE! You are a sweet, creative little girl! xo

  2. Love it. And don't love it. All at the same time. Blessings to you both!! ~Laws

  3. Such a cute story drawings. Can't believe you get to spend the month in Europe. I bet that is going to be so much fun!!!

  4. OH my gosh!!! Europe??!! How incredible.

    And this scary Michigan apt sounds a lot like our first apt!! Except I'm pretty sure the SWAT team never showed up. I'd like to hear that story!

  5. haha you guys are too cute, and wow a whole month backpacking!! that's so super exciting, i can only imagine all the adventures youll have :D

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Awwww thats a cute little story of the both of you. Have fun in Europe! ;)

  7. Wow, this sounds amazing, you will have an amazing time.You will love it here in Europe :).
    BTW, loved the drawings, so cute.

  8. soooo exciting! can't wait to read about your adventures backpacking in europe! ps, i loved the part in the story where the girl grew really long arms hhaha

  9. Aw damn gurl! You guys rocks! I used to live in Michigan...downtown Grand Rapids. SO much fun but this Cali girl could NOT handle the snow...


  10. Exciting!! (And I love the part where "the girl grew really really long arms" or whatever. LOL)

  11. this is so cute how you did this!!!!
    how AMAZING you will be backpacking europe..we are going in feb, and hopefully this summer!
    how fun to look forward to..XO adore your blog!

  12. Ahh! This is so cute. Love when your arms suddenly grew! Congrats on the Europe backpacking!!

    My best friend from college (who lives in FL now) did it for 3 months, and she barely spent anything. :) I'm going with my family in July and am beyond excited!'s not the cool way that you guys are doing it. Le sigh.

  13. That is the cutest little story and I loved the pictures! I really admire you that you make your own life and do what makes you happy. I really hope you have a great europe adventure and then Flordia! Living in the jealous!

  14. um, that was the CUTEST STORY ever with your little pics! have the most fun ever in europe my dear!

    lovin' your creative geniusness.

  15. This post is so cute and creative! How fun, backpacking through Europe! Thats like, my dream!
    Cute blog, Btw.

  16. Hah! Adorable story. What a fantastic adventure!! My mister and I have been dying to travel to Europe + we actually live in Florida ;)

  17. this has got to be the cutest post ever!! love it how darling are you two!! may will be the best month ever and glad to see you two are keeping up the promise of having adventures

  18. Oh, how sweet, I love the idea behind this post :). And backpacking trough Europe will be awesome - trust me ;)!


  19. This post is awesome!!! So happy for you both, Europe is amazing! (Adventures are amazing!) Enjoy and when you're done - welcome back to Fla! :)

  20. Awww, so excited for you guys! Enjoy the Europe adventure....and the return! Love the stick figure storybook!


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    Nice atmosphere guests with you here on the blog. ;]
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  22. WHART!?!?! So jealous. How fun- what an opportunity of a lifetime. DId I already say that I'm jealous!? ;) xo

  23. I love the way you blogged about this! Good luck with all of your new adventures... can't wait to see you blog about everything that's coming along your way :)

  24. Congratulations!!! This is so cute and sounds so exciting :) You two are precious.


  25. Just found you through Christina's blog--this post is adorable! Haha. And very exciting! Congrats!