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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Some of you may not have heard how awesome my in-laws are... well they are.  This weekend will go down as one of my favorite races ever. All thanks to my FIL (father-n-law) we all signed up for a 5k and trained hard... we all met our goals and then some! 
A family that runs together, stays together::::
Dad Willink goal: under 30 min. Ending Time: 29.35
J goal: under 25 min.           Ending Time: 25.15
Sir Dan goal: just finish.      Ending Time: 27.25
"I" goal: under 25 min.         Ending Time: 23.01
Oh and speaking of awesome in-laws my sis wanted to try this "Hot Yoga thing"... So we did... 
And it was hot...
We had a great time and made it out ALIVE!
What's your favorite way to work out? I'm always interested in trying new things!!
Have a blessed week you blessed person you!


  1. kids. kids are a workout. lol. people always ask me how i stay thin with out hitting the gym...the anwser is kids lol!

    yeah for your race!!! i need to check out hot yoga! I used to love pilates pre-kids :)

  2. yes love the family that runs together stays together i totally agree. a family run makes a 5k much more fun!!

  3. I just took my 10 and 8 year old on a run last night-just a two miler.

    Carrie! I love your personality. You are a great girl! I love the verse at the beginning and I love the first pic in black and white, classic.

    I do all kinds of things to work out. When my kids were littler, I had a very set regiment that I would do whether it be pilates, running, etc. But now with my kids older (I still have babies though) we go on runs together, I do on an almost five mile hike every Saturday morning, early with friends. And my favorite workout for the last two years has been Cross Fit Routines! I love Cross Fit!!! I think the philosophy behind it is right on. Did you know that your body is so efficient at running that in just a day or two after doing the same run your body will spend half the calories? I was just reading about this. So doing "running intervals" will increase calorie burn and muscle building.

    And I agree with the top comment, kids are a workout both physically and mentally...for Pete's Sake. :) love, love, love your blog!!!

    Shauna xo

    1. That is incredibly interesting! My husband and I were talking about your comment and that makes complete sense but I had never heard that before. Amazing how these bodies work, huh? Thanks for the info, your a gem!

  4. Hot Yoga?!

    I love Zumba. :D And toning/strength building.

    Or just a good ol' walk outside!

  5. Love that you all run together. I need to try hot yoga. My sister loves it!

  6. How fun!!! That's great that you all got to encourage one another. :-)

  7. wish i could run but it makes my knees sting so bad. i liked yoga.

    but. if you want a great work out you should try the (beach body)brazillian butt lift. i never sweat so hard in my life! but it made my knees hurt because of all the lunges. but if you could run, i bet you could handle it.