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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spontaneously Dance!

This lady is ready for a spontaneous dance with anyone who would dare.

Found a brush and mirror set at an estate sale for 15 cents... I didn't realize what a good idea it was to buy it... then I got on eBay today.  Let's just say I'm pretty excited!

Let me introduce to you, Autumn and Alice!  My wonderful friend, Barbara and her husband Ben, have been praying for a child for some time now... These two girls are a precious treasure.  My husband and I had the privilege of doing their new born shoot this last weekend (sneak peek):::
These are shoes I found at salvation army... I think I may be falling in love...
 Although I am cleaning out my life and selling everything- I still find myself stupidly going into antique stores... Here are a few things to add to my dream list:::
Tried a mock pack for next months trip.... I can say I sincerely care for John Wiley & his sons... 
(apparently they are the people that invented air tight bags):::
Enjoy the Spring sunshine and if you get some of that warm weather send it up this way!


  1. OMG All these pictures are so romantic, I love them all, how cool that you and your husband took the pictures, thats a nice thing to do together, nice job!


  2. 1. i love all eames type chairs. love love love. but ouchy mama, the sticker shock;)

    2. twinsies! eek! brings me back to when my sis had twins almost a year ago and i had to shoot their pics while baby boy screamed his head off the.entire.time. haha.

    3. your eyes are SUCH a pretty blue!

    4. your shoes look cute on you.

  3. You and I BOTH share a love for all things antique :) so awesome. Sounds like you found some real treasures ;)

  4. oh those babies, SO CUTE!

  5. i want all those antiques!!! and those shoes!!!! HOLY MOLY good find!

  6. I'm going dancing in the weekend :), you can join me.

  7. Lots of really cute stuff in this post...ESPECIALLY those sweet & squishy fresh babies. :D

    Yay on the mirror re-sale find, too!

  8. Hey Carrie!!! We live in San Jose, just about 40 minutes from the San Francisco. I looked back on some of your posts and you have a great blog here. I love your pictures and your style. And we had the same trampoline experience!!! I won at dodgeball the first time and then my sons begged me to get back in for a second game and I got nailed in the face. I knew I should have quit while I was ahead.... :) Take care,


  9. Replies
    1. My dreams are coming true at a young age and heading for a month log adventure in May backpacking Europe...!

  10. Wow what a wonderful adventure. You and your blog are wonderful love!
    If you get a second, give me your thoughts on my latest post! I l'd love to hear from you!

  11. great finds and great photos! twinies are so cute!

  12. Lovely post girl!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  13. Those little ones are so precious! I want to smother them with kisses!!! :-)