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Friday, April 19, 2013

Run for Boston....!

This last week has been a bitter time for everyone... My prayers have been with the families. When I heard about everything going on I always wish there was something... anything I could do to support. When I heard about #runforboston going on around the nation I was so excited to hear there was a run right here in Grand Rapids!
My friend Anna (on the left) is training for the Boston marathon for next year- Click here to check out her blog about her adventure. You go girl!!!
We were very wet after three miles in a thunderstorm, but it was a great time for the community to come together. It was an experience I was thrilled to be apart of. 
Thanks to Striders in Grand Rapids, MI for putting this on!


  1. Frustrated and sad is exactly where I am.....I love the "run for boston" idea...searching for one in my area!
    P.S. Running in the rain can be so fun! :)

  2. Okay, posting machine. I need to be better at keeping up!! I love it all. I read the last few posts and so glad you have wonderful friends, and a wonderful husband! I read your adventure post!!! Florida! My brother was just accepted to the Southern University of Florida. He is moving there in August. Backpacking through Europe. Wow. I've been there once, but it wasn't backpacking. You are in for such great times. I love that you love God. Carrie-have a great weekend, my sweet blog friend!

    Shauna xoxoxo

  3. wow, i love this! so inspiring. thanks for sharing! what a tribute to boston..xo

  4. this is sweet. my boyfriend just moved from grand rapids to chicago-- wish id known about this!

  5. Wow, Carrie! This is so amazing! So inspirational!

  6. That's a great cause for your run. You go girl! :)