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Friday, June 21, 2013


So there I was in target skipping around (the skipping part may have been in my mind) and I found these darling little items.... One for me... One for you!
Want this T?
Oh not that exact one silly.. you'll win a fresh, never been worn by me one.  
(giveaway size: M. T shown in pic: S)
Warning: we might be matchy smachy's...
Oh, or do you want all this..?
Here is how you do it...
Live in the States
Comment below and include the following: 
... a 1 for the T... a 2 for stationary stuff...  and a 3 if you don't care! Also mention the ways you entered..
*Must be a follower of this blog and Facebook
Fun extra entries:
*Follow Instagram
*Follow A Taste of Joy
*Share the news on your blog

I'll announce the winners on Wed. the 26th on a post about Austria...
O.K. got all that...? Cyber high five!


  1. 1. i follow by bloglovin and i did the fb follow
    2. it won't let me follow by insta! the link wouldn't work and i couldn't find your username on there. help out a girl!

    3. 3 doesn't matter gift!

    1. oh no you poor girl! well here is the link again- I'm not sure why it wasn't working it but I updated it again so hopefully it works now:) I didn't know you had insta? better watch out I'm gunna find you! My user name is: caredw

    2. thanks doll! and i changed my mind and want the shirt, haaaaaaa.

      found you on insta too! yay!

  2. ok i really want the tee, i love the design! i follow your blog, follow you now on facebook. following you back on instagram :-) and follow taste of joy as well

  3. Met you at your garage sale.. and fell in love with Taste of Joy... you and Josh are treasured creative people.. did a lipsink for you office marketing and follow taste of joy and your blog!!!
    The tee shirt is awesome!!!

    1. Oh Sally I'm so glad we collided at that sale and you bought a cupcake.. Sounds like a fairy tail:)

  4. Absolutely love that T---Gotta go with cute!

  5. Aw, I live in Australia, so I can't enter but what a sweet giveaway!

  6. whaaa? FUN! sign me up ... dont care which :)

  7. Awesome!! I'm following you everywhere...and would love anything! :-)

  8. YESSSSS I follow your blog! I want to say 1 but then I want to say 2. .... can I just win both!??!!

  9. I love the tshirt!! & followed you on insta :)

  10. ooh! 1 for the tee please :)
    i also am following the blog by bloglovin' & just liked on fb, liked a taste of joy on fb because i was unsure of how to follow otherwise, & just followed on instagram :)

  11. Love the t! I follow your blog.

  12. I follow your blog on bloglovin and facebook. :) I also choose 3--I love both!