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Saturday, August 24, 2013

the adventure of patience...

sometimes life hands you lemons.. and although you make lemon-aid it's still hard sometimes to make it sweet... 
long story short life has been a recipe of blessings, craziness and a touch of stress... J and I have been learning so much about patience.  I was hoping this post would be full of fun explanations of what is going on but sometimes God has other plans...!
Staying with our friends, a blessing!
Work, busy but great!
Husband, great!
Plans, getting there!
Three day weekend ahead, just marvelous!
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  1. love your little text :) God has a plan for you, the only thing we need to do is to make that step.. and listen to his soft voice! Have a good week girl.

  2. good luck with the plans ahead!

  3. ahh! sweet girl... so true. we are in the middle of a big time of trusting God. it's one of those seasons that are so amazing because of how close God is when you need Him, but tough because -- it's just tough. :) i love your bit about lemonade. so true.

    happy monday, friend!

  4. Oh! I was wondering about you two...I had a feeling you might be in limbo with life. I am hopeful for you and am so grateful to have met you. I love the person you are and I haven't even met you. Thank you for being a friend. I believe the same, that God has the ultimate plan. And it's hard to swallow sometimes. Much love to you, take care,

    Shauna xoxoxo

  5. Sometimes I don't even want to make lemonade, I want to take the lemons and throw them as far away from myself as possible. But of course, I can't do that. Hang in there :)

  6. you need to enter your pics in some sort of contest! they are AMAZING!

    praying over whatever is going on with ya'll. sending you a big hug and sloppy kiss, mkay? xxoo.

  7. i agree with the making lemonade sweet statement :) but i think the effort counts and i guess i always tell myself one day i will know why things weren't easy! xoxoxo good luck with everything!

  8. Hope everything gets settled ok. Glad to hear that you guys are both doing great. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.