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Friday, November 14, 2014

san to the diego

my love surprised me and we had a quick getaway to San Diego! 
Wasn't long but long enough to enjoy each other and refresh! 
We were both really impressed with the structure of the city and how everything kinda feels like its squished together.. 
but in a very intelligent way!  The beaches were just beautiful...  
#runningtheair preggers style:)

we stayed in a airbnb...
 we found the airbnb app while in Europe and loved using it! 
it's a fun and sometimes cheaper way to travel.  this place had an old wine cellar made into a perfect lil' mini room...
explored the town...

 oh, oh! our amazing breakfast... 
We stopped at the famouse "Balboa park" which most of the structures were built in the 1800's.. very beautiful location.
for those of you who need a baby update she is healthy and happy.. very busy lil lady and we are officially in the third trimester.  Crazy how time flies! Last visit doctor said she is "textbook healthy." so many blessings!
see you on Instagram... stay blessed!

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  1. Awwww glad little miss is look great! This trips looks heavenly and oh so warm!