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Monday, January 26, 2015

thanks to you

when we found out about our lil' baby surprise, of course one of the
first things I started planning was the nursery....  
It's always wonderful to have things and infant contraptions to help
 out with a new baby.  We were not sure how this would be
 possible with a limited budget (well, no baby budget at all :)).  Thanks to so many of my friends and family who have not
 only made this nursery possible, but also just perfect for baby girl!
  Handmade blankets, clothes and darling bought items... it all just
 overwhelms me.  I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. It
 warms my heart to see so many personal items from each of you 
part of her life already...
Stay Blessed!


  1. Very cute! I'm sure she will always sleep soundly in that cozy little room. Can't wait to meet her!

  2. Darling. I love it all. What a blessing to have so many that love you. Looking forward to the newest adventure. ;) Love,

    Shauna xo

  3. Carrie, are you guys still in the RV? or a home? the nursery is darling.
    Good luck with everything. Are you still at starbucks?

    1. Hey there! Yes still at starbcuks and we are in a little condo for now:) who is this?:)

  4. Oh my goodness it is sooo perfect! <3

  5. I can see all the love in the details! Adorable.