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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

1,440 hours

 Baby girl is 1,440 hours old! (2 months:)
Growing up I always had a simple goal.. to have a mini family and love them the way God would want me to.  Getting married was of course the first step to this and brought me much joy to love my amazing husband.  Now having little Remy my love has expanded to her and I can't believe this 'life goal', if you will, is being fulfilled. As you may know my husband and I have been photographers for a few years now. This helps us capture each place we travel and sites we see into picture memories and moments.  These first two pictures not only capture a moment or a memory... they capture my long-awaited life vision. And that is why I can honestly say these are my most treasured pictures of all time.
Girls hike... killed it!

"It's been a fun two months of life!"-Rems
Have a blessed week!


  1. Love the captures. Happy 2 months little lady!

  2. I just love how your little girl is already an adventurer like her parents. Such sweet pictures!!

  3. What a lovely post turned out, I enjoyed a lot! Someday she will see these wonderful photographs and will be surprised what a tiny little child she was:) Each of those snapshots holds memories!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  4. So many lovely photos!!! You all seem really happy :) In the meanwhile, what do you think of following each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Have a great week, kisses!