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Monday, January 25, 2016

c a b i n

How do you react when you find out you get to spend the weekend in a cabin in the snowy woods? Do you fist bump the sky? Because I do. Thanks to some wonderfully generous people we were able to enjoy a weekend away. The cabin was darling, clean and so incredibly comfortable. The town of Pinetop had such a simple beauty about it.  From the beautiful lake to darling shops, it was so enjoyable! 
How we cabin:::
 Put more sugar in the coffee. Drink orange juice in wine glasses. Play Yatzee. So much Yatzee. Binge watch shows and movies. Eat way more syrup than any human should consume. Get spooked by something unintended to be spooky. Burn our bacon. Snuggles and kisses with baby.  Fireplace fires all day / everyday. Take long showers. Find cool places. Take eagle selfies. Find the cutest coffee shop. Make at least one life-changing decision. Create the best of memories!

she's so hot right now
when there are those cool white bark trees on the side of the road and your husband is a trooper and lets you stop and take pictures and you don't realize how deep the snow is and you both sink in at the same time and you try to act cool for a picture but you freaking out inside and your baby is wondering why she is in this crazy family and you lose one of her shoes in the drift and then your husband's foot gets stuck in a puddle and you wonder if you are actually standing on a frozen lake and maybe its about to crack...
Hope you have a blessed weekend!


  1. I just want to jump in to these pictures! This looks like a dreamy family getaway! Love it!

    1. You are seriously the the sweetest! thanks friend!