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Monday, February 8, 2016

All about the Remy

I couldn't believe it.. It was really true. I was officially having a baby girl of my own. Taking a trip down memory lane, I just wanted to use this blog to recap Remy's first year.

My husband made this video to capture our pregnancy journey... it brings back all of the feels!

Guess WHAT:

I loves snuggles and sleeping skin to skin

In my first month, I:
See the Grand Canyon
Stay in my first hotel
Make lots of noises
Start smiling at 3 weeks
Road-trip to Cali!
Dip my feet in the ocean

Six days without pooing- dad flips.
Start using a binky.
If I cry... I get what I want!

Obsessed with my hands
Giggle and "hnnnng" when I smile 
When baba's working I can almost hold a bottle on my own

Start rolling
Love music
Cry even with a binky!

Reach for things
Take my first of many flights
Meet many family members and friends on this MI trip
My only (at this point) favorite cousins come to AZ to meet me

Sitting up!

Making HIGH pitch screams.
I can stand if someone is holding me!
Mesmerized by fireworks

Can't get enough of dad's guitar and piano music

Cutting first two top teeth
Sleeping almost through the night
Rolling like crazy to get anywhere I need to be

I say "Dada"
I dance every time I hear music.
I'm very cuddly.
I love hugs 

I'm crawling!! 7 months and proud of it. It's a whole new world.
Eating solids like a champ.
I call mom "baba"

8 months.
Did I mention I love dancing?  Mostly twerking.
I stare at people until they notice me and smile. 
Pulling myself up and standing.
Fun suction noises are my favorite.

learn the sign for 'more' and working on thank-you
Blanky and Binkey are my favorite. Won't sleep without them
Making weird 'heeeehaaaw' sounds, especially to food I like 
Not so sure about strangers.. mostly men. 

Climb climb climb, what else is there in life?
First Christmas is amazing! So many new toys, puppies everywhere I love being with all my family.
I may love dogs more than people. To be decided.
I meet my new cousin Ava!
The airport on my way home is my favorite yet. I get to crawl around wherever I want!

I clap for anything you need applause for!

I have done a lot of exploring my first 11 months! I've been on 14 airplane rides, seen 11 different states and many many hikes.
I love life and talk constantly
I take my first step on February 7th!
 Alrighty, here comes my Birthday!

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