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Monday, April 11, 2016

f e b 7 {the ring}

It's always exciting when you hear your best lady girl is coming... we decided a photo shoot for her and her love, Nick were in the works as well as some adventures! 

We got to our destination... J was parking the car, Ashley using the ladies room and Nick popped out a shiny ring... saying "stuff's 'bout to go down". I'm a tad on the sappy side so tried to compose myself. We jumped on our hike. 
As we were hiking Nick found his spot. He gave me the queue and J and I (like creepers) started clicking pictures like crazy. ahhhhhh, it was absolutely incredible! I was quiet for most of it....  

 Ranks in my top 5 best moments of all time

After I yelled at them to kiss.... It was my moment to attack.
Off for more exploring...
This is kinda the "worst perfect" picture of all time... but it's us. so what are ya gunna do?
The rest of the week was fun and celebration!
These memories are keepers that's for sure!
Love my Ashes and excited for her future!

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