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Monday, April 18, 2016

first fair

Do you ever have those nights that, out of nowhere, becomes a lasting memory? This was one of those nights.
Walking up, all you could see was the tip top of the ferris wheel and the smells of fried food and cotton candy blew through the air.  After we got our tickets Remy couldn't stop dancing to the music. The way she moves and groves cracks me up!  Walking to the arena area they were getting the little derby cars ready to race.  Remy wasn't very impressed but tried to act excited for her dad.  She couldn't stop staring at the rides on the other side of the park. So it may have been a bit early to bring her to the fair. You see there are NO rides for a baby even with parents.  Going ride to ride trying to see if someone would stretch the rules we finally reached a carousel that would let us.  This carousel was like any other.  I'm pretty sure they super charged it. WE FLEW! Remy tried to act like she liked it but I think she was freaked out. haha!
Next we watched J do the crazy fair rides enjoying the saftey (and stillness) of the ground.  Remy had a great time trying to run away from me.  When did she turn into a toddler? Crazy!
After a good ol' fashion hand dipped corn dog we found a magician.  He was pretty darn cute.  He needed a ring so naturally I offered up my doughnut ring. He said he had been waiting his whole life for a doughnut ring. I just knew it.
It's funny how when you write things down it can bring back the fun feelings of the night.  I love these weekends spent with my two loves.  Blessings are everywhere!
 I'll see you over on Instagram at @caredw :-)
Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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