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Friday, April 22, 2016

roaches won't get us down

Although I love planning and searching for new places to explore.... J's just better at it.  He is like a search google genius I swear.  Ok lets back up so I can explain.
J's brother TJ and his lovely girlfriend Bethany were coming to visit.  It always means so much when people take time off work and life to visit a few days.  So we wanted to do some fun exploring!  I looked up some new trails and places to explore.  I decided we should stay a night in a cheap hotel so we were close to our morning trail.  All were in with the agreement of "As long as there are no bugs". We got to our first destination, loving the trail and the waterfalls along the way!  Getting back out our hotel we were all a little unsure.  I'm telling you the place has good reviews! So we checked in, left our bags and headed out for a sunset view.  Getting back to our hotel TJ and Remy zonked out.  Getting nestled in ourselves we hear Bethany "There's a bug!" Oh if we only knew how those three words would change our night.  Let's wrap it up...
Found out it was roaches.
Heard a story about roaches laying eggs in your ears.
Tried ear plugs.
Trying a hose sort of thing over our face.
Being sincerely scared in the dark for the first time sense I was a child.
Thoughts of my baby being carried off by roaches.

"So the trail we were going on in the morning, it's closed." Josh says with his golden google fingers.  Mind you, I had been searching this information for weeks and saw no such warnings.
Also the hotel we were staying at had all great reviews.  Bethany "So why the HECK are we still here?"  Quicker than you could say "roaches suck" we were out of there and driving our hour and a half trek home.  We killed 16 roaches that night. We could have killed more but we were leaving so have your way buddies.... We slept great that night. 

It's a new day with roach egg free ears... Off to Sedona! 
The weekends almost here! Blessings!

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