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Saturday, June 3, 2017

❥ Kid to Kid ♲

You know when you are a little girl and your receive your first baby doll?  It’s so exciting to hold that sweet little baby doll and think of all the adventures to come!  However, the first thing you need is accessories!  
Many different changes in clothes, bows, shoes & more.  I remember at one point filling an entire suitcase full of just my baby dolls accessories for our family vacation (my poor dad).  Theses make believe childhood dreams are so bright and beautiful.
Fast forward a few years and it was time... I was having a little girl of my very own.  Josh and I were so surprised! Yes, true, it's a 50/50 chance I guess, but we were just not expecting it.   
 Watch out pocketbook here I come!  Sadly, those accessories and clothes weren't as easy to get as those younger days of my life.  I found out very quickly my unique style for baby girl was extremely pricey.  Kinda started to give up on this unique style and just not worry about it.  A few weeks after having baby girl, I was at Starbuck talking with a lady about how cute her daughters dress was. I asked where it was from and didn't know I would hear three words that would change my world “Kid to Kid!”
  Remy helps me pick the clothes to sell and in return buy some spiffy new ones.  She loves every minute of it!  There is a play place for her to hang out while I sneak in the things I want for her to wear.  Of course she has helps with the end choices. many ways I feel like I can make those childhood dreams come true as I now can afford all the little extras… There are so many unique items at KidtoKid that make Remy’s outfits pop and share her one of a kind style! 
Now that I am having a second girl I’m so thankful to have this place to get me rollin’ in all the cuteness of the newborn outfits and accessories!  She is going to be stylin’ and comfy in her new stylish line.
It’s my one-stop-shop for the girls' clothes, but they also have the cutest toys, strollers, hiking backpacks, changing tables, boppies, highchairs, and more!  They really know how to keep around the best clothes as well such as Tea, Peek, Old Navy, Gap, H&M, and designer.  Whether we are hittin' the trails or going out for a fancy dinner Kid to Kid is the perfect place to shop for any occasion. 

Be sure and head over to Kid to Kid's website and find a location near you! Don't forget to sign up for their e-mail for updates and sometimes coupons. Kid to Kid on Instagram is a great way to connect as well!
KidtoKid Shoes from Carrie Willink on Vimeo.
Blessings and Happy Weekend!