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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A tear for you sweet child... you'll always be loved!

Goodbye for now...

This is the last week of childcare.... Leaving the children is the bitter in this time of sweet... 
I can't tell you how much I love each one of these children. The joy each personality brings is so contagious  and wonderful! Each day is a bright new experience!  

A few of my highlights:

*Sit on the floor and you WILL be tackled with hugs and kisses!
*The best part of most days is seeing the ugliest pigs on the planet.
*Hearing tiny voices in unison-"God is good. God is great. Thank-you for this food.  AMEN!"
*Greetings - "GOOD MORNING" even if it's afternoon.
*Cuddles after naps.
*"Miss Cawy." R's are hard, people.
*Tears because they love their friends and don't want to leave.
 God will take these lil' beautiful lives and bless them I am sure.
This is a 'going away' slide show that is mostly a memory for the families (its kinda long), but the end are great quotes from the kids...
Made these fun booklets for each child as they take off... A quote from each of their little friends is inside to remember them by...
Megan, Evan, Alexis
Travis, Bodie, Thaddeus
Chloe, Summer, Lucie
Summer, Hadley, Isaiah
Sophie, Abby, Alex

Goodbye for now... and never forget how much you are each loved!!!


  1. This is so great Carrie. You are a doll and how lucky these kids are to have you in their lives!!! What a great tribute to them and yourself.

    And yes, "R"s are hard for some peeps. :) Love to you,


  2. Where are you going?? They are so blessed to have had you! What a wonderful person you are...those booklets are incredible!

  3. Oh this post melts my heart. So sweet! The kids will surely miss you and all of the love you have shown them!!

  4. wooof i love the balloons photos , cute things :)) Love the kids!
    im following you now, mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  5. how sweet is this! you will be missed!

  6. Aaaaawww this is such a lovely and sweet post. the children are really lucky to have you as their teacher. :)

    Btw i've used a photo of a bible verse from your blog for my new blog entry, hope you don't mind. It really touched my heart.

  7. Loved reading this. I used to work in childcare and I felt the same way about my kids. It was hard to see them leave. They make such a beautiful impression on your heart.

  8. Awww... What precious kiddos! I'm sure you'll miss them like crazy!

  9. wow, those kids were obviously blessed to have someone so interested in them! love those booklets!

    and that top quote is one of my all time favorites that i try to tell twain...but i always mess it up:)

  10. love your blog

  11. aww adorable! you can truly see how much you care for them!! p.s. "L's" are hard to say in our house :)