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Monday, April 1, 2013

Abracadabra- Lamp!

How to- LAMPS!
 I made some of these for my house sale last week and they were the first things to go!  So I thought it must be something people want to learn how to do... Here's how I did it :)

First go to goodwill/salvation army or your Grandma's basement and get an old lamps shade such as this one::::
Cut off all the lining etc. It will just be a metal base.  Do your best when your shopping to check and make sure for a 'non' rusty lamp shade.  Paint it whatever color you want!!!  I used a paint like I use on my canvases.  
Then go to Lows and find a construction light (around 6 bucks).  Take of all the metal pieces and clamps.  
Once your lamp is dry screw it into your new lamp::::


  1. such a great idea!!!! doing this!!!!!

  2. these are AWESOME! i've wanted to make something like this but was worried the naked lightbulb would hurt out eyes. what wattage did you use? are you blinded without the fabric lampshade?

  3. very cool! i love the feel of these! you are too creative..thanks for sharing!

  4. Absolutely loving these industrial lamps! So perfect ;)
    xo TJ

  5. Umm those are amazing! Nice work lady!!