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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lunch lady.. Count down begins....!

Oh how I love these ladies!
So I have become a sorta Lunch Lady this week.... You know one of those people who loves going out for lunch.. I have my calendar filled with lunch dates this last week and next and I am loving it.  Something about having time off in the middle of day, chatting with friends and family, and eating at cute little places... I could get used to this!
A couple favorites from last weeks photo shoot:::
Drum roll please. The count down begins...
Click HERE if you want to know what this is about!


  1. I am a new reader--11 days to what!? :)

    1. You are so sweet to ask! My husband and I are backpacking Europe for a month. ahh!
      Go to "pages, Our future plans" if you want to read the short story:)

    2. Yes! WOW! I actually read that--but forgot. Oops. Ha! So so exciting!!!

  2. say what!??! HOW EXCITING!!!!! travel and travel and travel some more ... while you can !

  3. lunch dates are the best part of a day!!! woohoooo europe! such an amazing place. can't wait to hear about your european adventures :)

  4. lunch with friends makes the food even yummier.