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Saturday, November 30, 2013

giving thanks - hello, goodbye

hello December, goodbye November..
hello christmas tree, goodbye pumpkins... 
hello warm arizona christmas, good bye cold michigan christmas..
hello ice skating, hello christmas caroling, hello christmas wrapping, goodbye free time...
hello wreathes, goodbye lack there of...
hello every other dessert your heart desires, goodbye pumpkin...
hello boots, goodbye flipflops...
hello hot tub, goodbye laying by the pool...
hello tacos, good bye turkey (what? I love tacos!)...
hello heater, goodbye open windows..
hello MUST PLAY CHRISTMAS MUSIC AT ALL TIMES(!), goodbye non-christmas sounds...
hello random night chills, goodbye covers (my man will take them)...
hello hot choc, goodbye hot cider...
hello christmas, goodbye thanksgiving...
Goodbye Holiday love. Hello more of it..!
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  1. It's all so precious I can't even stand it. Happy holidays, here we go. Let the traditions the hussle and bussle and the happy times begin. Love,

    Shauna xoxoxo

  2. Indeed hello December and its holidays!
    Lovely pictures really c: Xx

  3. Wow, these pictures are gorgeous. I love how creative and beautiful everything is. So, so pretty.

  4. I love your Thanksgiving set up. It's adorable!!! And I'm so excited for so many of these same holiday things. Yay Christmas music all.the.time. Thanks for linking up girl!!!

    1. what a fantastic idea sweet lady! love it!

  5. Love this post and everything it means! Can't believe it's December. I hope you have a fantastic month! :)

  6. Your pictures are always so wonderful! Hello, December :)

  7. oh, your pictures always make me wanting more! hello december, and everything it may brings

  8. Happy thanksgiving! Looks like you had such a wonderful time. Your set up is so cool. Loving your new home :)

    1. thanks lovely Jenna, it's the definition of home sweet home to me;)

  9. welcoming winter with open arms :)

  10. I love this!! And I am SO with you on the Christmas music---needs to be playing at all times. lol