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Sunday, February 14, 2016

l o v e d a y

My Valentine is charming.
   Charming in how he loves our baby girl
   Charming in how he gets so excited if he did the dishes
   Charming in how he is always right
*Unless the sun is in your eyes. Your resting squint face is not so charming.

My Valentine is Smart.
   Smart in how he works.
   Smart in how takes care of everything bills/budget related (number are gross.)
   Smart in he works a camera
*Unless were in a parking lot.  You are not a smart 'get out of parking lotter'.

My Valentine is Adventurous
  Adventurous to climb anything
  Adventurous to jump of anything
  Adventurous and Athletic
*unless your baby girl is involved. My as well put her in a bubble.

My Valentine is HANDSOME.
   Handsome cuz he is cute
   Handsome cuz he is sexy
   Handsome cuz he is hot
*unless you can't understand someone because of language or accent... then it's back to your strange squint face.

My Valentine is someone who is Fearless.
   Fearless in his Faith,
   Fearless in how he takes care of his family.
   Fearless in how he loves.

I love you for everything you are. Never change. Your my favorite forever and always!

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  1. Had to come watch the full version after your teaser on Insta!! Love everything about this! The setting and your cute little fam. XO